• Pakistan Remittance Initiative

    The Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI) is a joint initiative launched by the State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Ministry of Finance. The aim is to make sending money to Pakistan faster, cheaper and more convenient.

    It means your transfer is fee-free every time you send over £100 to a bank account or HBL pick-up location.

    Fee-free applies to: 

    • Individual senders only
    • All direct to bank transfers
    • Cash pick-up transfers to HBL

    Your fee-free will be automatically applied to any transfer over £100 or equivalent in sending currency (100 EUR/1,000 NOK/1,000 DKK/1,000 SEK/150 CAD/150 AUD). 

Inviting friends

  • How does the Invite a Friend programme work?

    Every time a friend signs up to Azimo using your invite code and completes a qualifying transaction, you’ll both get money off your transfer. It’s that simple. For more information please see the general T&Cs and detailed promotions materials.

    To get started on our app, tap “Invite”. From there you can share your invite code directly on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or by copying the link.

    If using our website, simply select “Invite a friend” from the menu. You can copy your personal code and send it to your family and friends via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or email.

    When your family and friends sign up to Azimo, please make sure that they use your personal code, or else you might not be able to receive the referral bonus.

  • Why did I not receive the discount for inviting a friend?

    There could be a few reasons why this happened. Please check that your friend has signed up with Azimo using your personal code. If they haven’t, there’s no connection between you and their new profile, so both of you won’t be able to receive the discount.

    Also, please remember that in order to receive the discount, your friend must make a successful international transfer of 100 GBP or more.

    If all these conditions have been met but you’re still having trouble receiving the discount, please contact our Customer Support team.

Promo codes