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SWIFT transfers

  • What is a SWIFT transfer?
    SWIFT transfer is a transfer that is sent via the SWIFT international payment network. With Azimo you can make SWIFT transfers to more than 100 countries around the world, in major currencies including GBP, USD and EUR.
    You’ll need a SWIFT-BIC code as it allows us to identify your recipient’s local bank.
      Important information to note
    1. The receiving bank might charge a handling fee to receive a SWIFT transfer
    2. Most transfers are delivered within 24 hours
    3. The receiving account has to be held in the chosen currency
  • How can I find my recipient’s SWIFT-BIC code?
    A SWIFT-BIC code is unique to your recipient’s bank branch, so in order to find their SWIFT code, please ask your recipient to get it from them and provide it to you.
  • Making a SWIFT transfer
    What are the delivery times?
    SWIFT transfers usually take one working day.
    Please note that it may take longer to process the transfer on public holidays.

    What are the minimum and maximum amounts per transfer?
    The minimum amount for a SWIFT transfer is 200 GBP and the maximum amount is 250,000 GBP.
    Please note that some recipient’s banks have a limit set on how much they can receive, so double check with them before sending.

    Can I make a transfer to a company?
    Yes, you can make a SWIFT transfer to company accounts in either USD or EUR.
    Please remember to select the correct type of account when creating your new recipient on your Azimo account.